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Why Do Muslims Hate Israel?

Leaving Islam ... Means Death!

Remembrance Day

"Hell For Heroes" ... For Anjem Choudary

Israel and the Apartheid Slander

THE Palestinian Authority’s request for full United Nations membership has put hope for any two-state solution under increasing pressure. The need for reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians has never been greater. So it is important to separate legitimate criticism of Israel from assaults that aim to isolate, demonize and delegitimize it.
One particularly pernicious and enduring canard that is surfacing again is that Israel pursues “apartheid” policies. In Cape Town starting on Saturday, a London-based nongovernmental organization called the Russell Tribunal on Palestine will hold a “hearing” on whether Israel is guilty of the crime of apartheid. It is not a “tribunal.” The “evidence” is going to be one-sided and the members of the “jury” are critics whose harsh views of Israel are well known.
While “apartheid” can have broader meaning, its use is meant to evoke the situation in pre-1994 South Africa. It is an unfair and inaccurate slander against Israel, calculated to retard rather than advance peace negotiations.
I know all too well the cruelty of South Africa’s abhorrent apartheid system, under which human beings characterized as black had no rights to vote, hold political office, use “white” toilets or beaches, marry whites, live in whites-only areas or even be there without a “pass.” Blacks critically injured in car accidents were left to bleed to death if there was no “black” ambulance to rush them to a “black” hospital. “White” hospitals were prohibited from saving their lives.
In assessing the accusation that Israel pursues apartheid policies, which are by definition primarily about race or ethnicity, it is important first to distinguish between the situations in Israel, where Arabs are citizens, and in West Bank areas that remain under Israeli control in the absence of a peace agreement.
In Israel, there is no apartheid. Nothing there comes close to the definition of apartheid under the 1998 Rome Statute: “Inhumane acts ... committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.” Israeli Arabs — 20 percent of Israel’s population — vote, have political parties and representatives in the Knesset and occupy positions of acclaim, including on its Supreme Court. Arab patients lie alongside Jewish patients in Israeli hospitals, receiving identical treatment.  More Here

Muslim Wolves at America's Door For Over 200 Years

Early Muslim Extremists In American History presented by Glenn Beck & David Barton.

Learn the language of the Jews in order to be safe from their cheating

NGO: PA doesn’t meet UNESCO statehood guidelines
IMPACT-SE report uncovers continued demonization of Israel and Jews in Palestinian textbooks.

The Palestinian Authority does not meet the UNESCO recommendations for becoming a full member in the international organization, according to a study published on Monday by IMPACT-SE – the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education.
IMPACT-SE is a research organization that monitors and analyzes schoolbooks and curricula across the Middle East with an eye toward determining their compliance with international standards on peace and tolerance, a goal derived directly from UNESCO declarations and resolutions.
“The monitoring of the Palestinian schoolbooks in use for the school year 2011 shows that the fundamentals against Israel and the Jews are upheld,” the study concluded.
It said that the fundamentals included negating both Israel and the Jews.
Israel, for example, is not mentioned among the states of the Levant (which presently consists of the states of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria as well as the Palestinian territories) and Jewish holy places are never mentioned as such. For instance, Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem is presented as the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque.
According to the study, the Jewish and Hebrew identity of Palestine under the British Mandate is stricken out. One illustration twists a stamp of Palestine under the British Mandate by erasing the Hebrew term ERETZ ISRAEL PALESTINA.
The study also found that there was continued demonization of both Israel and the Jews in the books. Jews are described, among others, as violating treaties, getting rich unduly, deceitful, murdering children, disemboweling women and invading snakes. They are never presented in neutral or positive terms.
The study quotes the following examples from the Palestinian schoolbooks: “The Messenger of God [Muhammad] ordered Zayd Ibn Thabit to learn the language of the Jews in order to be safe from their cheating,” History of the Arabs and Muslims, Grade 6, (2009), page 133; “Your enemies killed your children, split open your women’s bellies, held your revered elderly men by the beard, and led them to the death pits,” Reading and Texts, Grade 8, Part 2, [2003] (reprinted 2007), page 16; and “By your life! How come snakes invade us and we [still] observe a protection covenant [dhimma] which respects commitments?” Arabic Language– Linguistic Sciences, Grade 12, (2010), page 61.
“The Oslo accords and the Declaration of Principles are mentioned and even quoted, but they are not praised and a peacefully negotiated settlement is not advocated or supported,” said the authors of the study.
“In contrast, there is a lot of praise for jihad and martyrdom to free Palestine without defining clearly the territory to be liberated, hence implying that Israel’s territory is also to be liberated.”
The study quotes the following paragraph from a Grade 8 book: “Today the Muslim countries need urgently jihad and jihad fighters in order to liberate the robbed lands and to get rid of the robbing Jews from the robbed lands in Palestine and in the Levant.”
The Shoah is not mentioned at all, though one ambiguous passage reads as follows: “The Jewish question is first and foremost a European problem.”

Once There Was A Time When Arab Society Was Innocent ... Now There Is A Fatwa On Everything!

Saudi Muslim: Islam has come to Dominate Society

Nov 1, 2011 
It was about 20 years ago when I began to notice a certain air of haughtiness in the attitude of many observant Arab Muslims. Some men with beards and women in niqab started giving everybody the I'm-better-than-you look.

At the time I was a teenager, but I still remember my brother telling me: "Bearded men are looking down at us. When we greet them, they don't return the greeting. And they are careful to make us feel that they are the real thing, that they are the ones who really know Allah, that the rest of us ordinary Muslims, whose religious commitment does not show in the way we look, are missing something."
I said to my brother: "Never mind that the true Muslim is by definition humble, tolerant and compassionate with all other people; never mind that Prophet Mohammed famously said that giving people a smile is like giving charity; and never mind that Islam teaches us that blessed is he who greets the others first."

Between the mid-1980s and the early 1990s, this air of superiority emanating from observant Muslims was, by my personal assessment, worth a yellow warning. From the early 1990s until the turn of the century, it rose to an orange alarm. In 2001, I believe it became a red alert.

Around this time, religious haughtiness and a sense of self-righteousness and overachievement started to spread across the Arab world among multahoun (bearded men) and munaqqabat (women in niqab). Many preachers were giving lectures reinforcing the belief among this particular category of Muslims that they were "the wholesome, untainted, God-chosen elite".

Black niqab, black socks and black gloves spread throughout the Arab world like a dark tidal wave. Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, Sudan, Somalia and, of course, the Gulf states and Yemen - none was spared.

And this form of "religious distinction" was not channelled by attire alone. There was a crucial linguistic dimension to it. Hard-line clerics adopted an antiquated language straight from ancient Islamic books, capitalising on its awe-inspiring overtones and perceived righteousness to conquer the masses. Through that domineering language, they launched insidious verbal assaults against public figures who disagreed with their points of view, so that others would not dare even to think.

Eventually, preaching became a moneymaker. And looking religious proved to be good for business. From pharmacies to electronics shops, Salafi-looking managers were doing well. In gynaecology clinics, Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi women doctors would suggest Sharia-compliant healing invocations before writing up the prescription.

I always wondered where they got the money to study medicine, engineering and information technology at expensive schools, while many others were unable to afford the same.

Indeed, Arab Muslim society has changed radically. Repression, external and self-imposed, has turned Arab societies into communities like rolled-up hedgehogs, with nothing to show but spikes.

There was a time when Arab society was more innocent and less complicated in the way it approached the question of gender mixing in public places, for instance. Women were everywhere, in the fields, in the souq and in the majlis. People were more spontaneous; they would appeal to their common sense when going about their life affairs. Now there seems to be a fatwa on everything. More Here

In Retrospect: ... It Was A Deal With The Devil!

What You Receive When You Make a Deal With
The Devil! ... "We'll Give You Nothing but Bombs, Spears and Swords"

From YouTube:

Uploaded by MEMRITVVideos on Oct 31, 2011

Khodhr Habib, a Member of the Islamic Jihad Leadership in Gaza, Vows: We Will Give You Nothing but Bombs, Spears and Swords, Which Will Slit Your Throats
Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza) - October 25, 2011 - 04:34

Reality Check: Domestic Violence and Muslim Families

Salma Abugideiri is a licensed professional counselor who specializes in trauma and couples therapy.  She is also the co-director of the Peaceful Families Project, an organization devoted to ending domestic violence in Muslim families. Salma develops and conducts awareness workshops about domestic violence for Muslim leaders and communities, and trainings for people who work with Muslim families.  She also conducts research and has a few publications, including a co-edited book titled Change from Within: Diverse Perspectives on Domestic Violence in Muslim Communities.
In honor of October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Amal Killawi interviewed Salma Abugideri about her work with domestic violence and the Peaceful Families Project.
Tell us about the Peaceful Families Project.
The Peaceful Families Project was founded in 2000 by Sharifa Alkhateeb, as a result of a survey she conducted to determine the prevalence of domestic violence among Muslims in the United States. She passed away in 2004, but she left behind a legacy—may God have mercy on her soul.
The goal of PFP is to end domestic violence in Muslim families through prevention, to educate people about the prevalence of domestic violence and to use Islamic teachings and values to address attitudes that might either tolerate domestic violence or encourage it.
We believe very strongly that change from our community has to come from within our own Islamic paradigm, and so we’ve based all of our trainings and materials on that belief.
What is the rate of domestic violence in the American Muslim community?
Domestic violence includes all forms of abuse: physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, financial, and spiritual.  Based on the few studies that we have about Muslims in America, we know that 12-18% of Muslims in the United States experience physical abuse, and 30-40% experience emotional abuse. Readers can refer to the 2009 SoundVision survey for example.  Compare these statistics to the well-known fact that 1 in 4 women in the general American population are affected or will be affected by domestic violence at some point in their lifetime. I also come across information of approximately one domestic violence fatality each month in the Muslim community.  My guess is that the numbers are higher because fatalities are sometimes reported as suicides or accidents and not identified as domestic violence.
Some people may challenge these statistics.
Numbers are important to a point, and people certainly need numbers to be convinced that this is a real problem. But it’s really important that when we look at numbers, we pay attention to what these numbers are referring to. Every research study will ask slightly different questions to different populations. Domestic violence is a difficult issue to get solid numbers on, but to me, the numbers that we have are enough to say that this is a serious issue. And as Muslims, we have a responsibility to do something about it and to get rid of it.
Don’t these statistics reinforce the stereotype of Muslim men being abusive to their women?
I’m not saying that Muslim men are more likely to abuse their wives. Muslim women like other women in the world are at risk of getting abused because they have lesser positions of power in the family and in society.  The majority of Muslim men are not abusive. More Here

Living Under a Rain of Rockets

Egypt: In 'Allah" We Trust

Arab Terrorists Rain Rockets on Israel

Newest UNESCO Member: Palestine

Islamist Party Launches “Revolutionary” Policy on Women

Comic Relief in Egypt: Women's Rights

Anyone who thinks Islamists lack humor is wrong. The Nour (Light) Party of Egypt, a new political formation established by a faction of the Salafist movement in Egypt, has provided some welcome comic relief in a period of dire crisis, by unveiling a startling new view of women in today’s world. The Salafists, who are Islamists close to the Wahabites in Saudi Arabia, and who reportedly enjoy 5% popular support in Egypt, recently held a conference on the theme of women, the first ever. As evident in a photo of the conference, the speakers were neither fully veiled nor did they wear any headscarves. Seated on the podium against a backdrop of banners in Arabic reading: “Nour (Light) Party: First Women’s Conference,” the three speakers were apparently striving to display the party’s commitment to the total equality between the sexes. No veils, no headscarves, — only full and bushy beards.
One secular Egyptian intellectual commented on the event: “But, hey, where are the women?”

Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Qur'an - Original Manuscript and Interpretation?

The Terror Suspect Who Pocketed A Million In Compensation

Standing at a bus stop, he is looking forward to an afternoon shopping with a male friend.
Although he returns home empty-handed he could have embarked on a lavish spending spree with ease.
For this is former terror suspect Binyam Mohamed and money has been no object for some time.
The 33-year-old has received £1million in compensation after claiming he was tortured with the complicity of the British security services at the U.S.’s infamous Guantanamo Bay naval base.
In March this year he paid £250,000 in cash for a terrace house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms in Norbury, South London –a short distance from the Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre.
Ethiopian-born Mohamed arrived in the UK in 1994, as a schoolboy seeking asylum. He travelled to Afghanistan in 2001. The U.S. alleged that he received paramilitary training at an Al Qaeda camp and plotted to detonate a radioactive bomb in America.
He was arrested in 2002 at Karachi airport in Pakistan as he tried to board a London-bound flight using a fake British passport.
In the CIA’s Afghan prison in Kabul, he was allegedly shackled in total darkness and forced to listen to ear-splitting Eminem music 24 hours a day for a month.
Mohamed claims that during detention in Pakistan he was questioned by an MI5 officer who knew he had been repeatedly tortured. In Morocco, he was allegedly hung from walls and ceilings, repeatedly beaten and cut with a scalpel. He was held in Guantanamo from 2004.

“Better to have an Israel that is hated by the world than an Auschwitz that is loved  by it.”

All people are not equal, nor all suffering. Watching TV Saturday night and reviewing the CNN home page with pictures, which have captions like this, one may be fooled into thinking that suffering equals suffering. That is not the case - the Nazis who were killed by Allied forces weren’t the same as their victims, nor is the death of a murderer, by lethal injection, comparable to his victim’s death.
CNN’s caption, “A Palestinian man grieves outside a hospital in Rafa, Gaza,” follows an article which states, “At least 10 people are dead in Gaza and Southern Israel, in a wave of back-and-forth attacks.” Now how did these “back-and-forth” attacks begin? Not by “militants,” as CNN labels them, but Palestinian terrorists from Islamic Jihad who “fired more than 20 mortars and rockets” into Ashdod, Israel, killing one man and injuring 20. The victims inhabited cities in Israel proper, not even considered “occupied territories.” These included Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gan Yavne and the vicinity around Be’er Sheva. The injured were regular people sitting in their homes and parks, living their lives.
And what was Israel’s “retaliation?” From the CNN story, we wouldn’t know that the grieving Palestinian man in the picture is mourning a dead terrorist who died when the IDF retaliated by hitting a training camp – as Islamic Jihad admitted. The U.S., Canada, Japan and Australia recognize Islamic Jihad as a terrorist organization. World media shows no discernment between barbarians that kill innocent people and an armed military of a democratic civilized nation that kills only those trained to harm, main and destroy Israel’s population. The world holds the Jews to a different standard.
How soon the media forgets that only a few years ago Islamic Jihad used a vehicle marked with “TV” and “press” insignias in a failed attempt to capture an Israeli soldier. The use of this “press” vehicle evoked a sharp response from many journalists and news organizations.
How long will it take the world to stop calling for an “end to the violence on both sides?” Owning one of the 25 largest PR Firms in the U.S., I wonder why the world’s media doesn’t call for America to stop hunting Al-Qaeda operatives , or ask why the police hunt serial murderers. If they stopped, there wouldn’t be a “cycle of violence,” and surely many of these folks would promise that they would not attack again in exchange for a guarantee that they would not be hunted down.
There is no moral equivalency between Islamic Jihad targeting women and children as they go about their daily lives, and a democratic state protecting its own civilians. Couldn’t one have referred to 9/11 as a catastrophe, which saw both Americans and Arab casualties as well?
“Better to have an Israel that is hated by the world than an Auschwitz that is loved  by it.”

Arab Spring = Islamic Caliphate

From YouTube:

Uploaded by The666muhammad1 on Oct 30, 2011
Muslims follow not only the Quran, which they believe is a literal transcript of God's words, but also the Hadith, accounts of Muhammad's words and deeds.
"And slay them (the infidels) wherever you catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out, for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter" 2:191

" وَاقْتُلُوهُمْ حَيْثُ ثَقِفْتُمُوهُمْ وَأَخْرِجُوهُم مِّنْ حَيْثُ أَخْرَجُوكُمْ وَالْفِتْنَةُ أَشَدُّ مِنَ الْقَتْلِ وَلاَ تُقَاتِلُوهُمْ عِندَ الْمَسْجِدِ الْحَرَامِ حَتَّى يُقَاتِلُوكُمْ فِيهِ فَإِن قَاتَلُوكُمْ فَاقْتُلُوهُمْ كَذَلِكَ جَزَاء الْكَافِرِينَ" البقرة 191:2
Ibn Haban in his Sahih, vol. 14, p. 529, narrates: Muhammad said: "I swear by Him who has my soul in his hands, I was sent to you with nothing but slaughter."

Norway: No News Would Be Good News ... But Here's The News

From YouTube:

Uploaded by whathitthefan on Oct 30, 2011

Oslo Ghetto news today. Several rapes, murder, exploding apartment.

In one of the rape case where two 16-year old girls were attached, six men from Afghanistan and Pakistan were arrested.

Another rape victim said an african raped her in a park.

So far this year 48 rapes were reported, thats twice as many as last year, only seven rapes were resolved.

No official is suggesting the need for expulsion and criminal background checks for immigrants.

A politician, Fabien Stang (H) said when told about the massive number of rapes in Oslo, "goddamn hell, i don't know what to do any more".

That's a typcial reacion. No politician knows what to do about the massive number of crimes they imported to Norway from african and the arabstates.

Noway don't use enclosed refugee camps for refugees. This may change due to the large number of crimes committed by refugees. More people demand action that shows results. Walled prison-like camps may be created for refugees in Norway similar to those in most other countries that receive refugees.

70 % of the Oslo population feel unsafe and won't go out alone in the evenings.

The rape victims can be found in the remaining 30 % of the population that bravely go out alone without dogs or other security measures.

25 % of the population say there are to many muslims in Norway.

24 % feel islam is a threat against our culture.

Due to the record number of rapes, nearly all of them done by immigrants, the Prime Minister Stoltenberg said they need more police while the number of police has gone down by 100 to 424. Often only one police patrol is out in the streets of Oslo. The politicians call for security and more police is not followed up by action, instead they reduce the security.

Many norwegians feel the mass immigration has been to open and is a threat to the national security. 

Leave Ashdod? ... No, Never! ... This Is Our Country!

Canadian Imam Beaten and Arrested in Saudi Arabia

Witness Audio

A Canadian imam who studies cancer research at the University of Alberta was beaten and arrested by Saudi religious police while reciting prayers in Medina, according to witnesses. Usama Al-Atar was attending hajj with an international group of pilgrims early Sunday when witnesses said he was confronted by about 10 to 15 officers from the country's religious police force. Observers said the officers beat him without provocation, chasing and suffocating him in front of more than 200 witnesses. The officers then reportedly took him into custody without explanation. At the time, the 33-year-old imam was leading a prayer service as part of a global pilgrimage with a group of Canadian, British and American citizens. British citizen Michael Hayward said he witnessed the brutal alleged takedown. "He was bleeding quite a lot from the beating," Hayward said in a statement issued to "They put his head to an air conditioning unit and sat on him until he was blue in the face." At-Atar has been accused of attacking Saudi religious police and remains in police custody, witnesses said. He is expected to appear in court tomorrow to face unclear charges, according to Hayward. The London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission is lobbying for Al-Atar's release. In a statement to CTV News, Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs said it was aware that a Canadian had been arrested in Medina. "The Canadian Embassy in Riyadh has been notified and our officials stand ready to provide consular assistance as required," a spokesperson said. Al-Atar is an academic originally from the Iraqi city of Karbala, according to the imam's website. His research on cancer and diabetes has taken him from California to Vancouver and has been widely published. Al-Atar is also the founder of Active Muslim Youth of British Columbia (AMYBC), a not-for-profit organization aimed at teaching youth about Islam. The renowned imam's website indicates that he started reciting the Qur'an professionally at age 14 and about five years later started receiving requests to recite the book in front of audiences. "When my children ask me about what I did when I saw people getting killed and oppressed, I do not want to tell them that I stood silently," Al-Atar said in March 2011 speech condemning violence in Bahrain. Canadian pilgrims travelling to the Saudi religious destinations of Jeddah, Mecca and Medina require hajj or umrah visas, according to Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada(DFAIT). Non-Muslims are barred from visiting Mecca or Medina. The Saudi religious police are known as the Mutawa and are tasked with enforcing the country's system of Sharia law. CTV News

Muslims New Campaign: "Hell For Heroes"

Hell For Heroes

Mail Online

An extreme Muslim group which caused outrage by burning a poppy last Remembrance Sunday is planning further disruption on November 11, with a twisted 'Hell for Heroes' campaign.
The demo, which mocks charity for injured soldiers Help for Heroes, is due to take place outside the Royal Albert Hall, the same location where a poppy was burned last year.

Emdadur Choudhury, who burned the poppy, was fined just £50.

The Muslims Against Crusades protestors, who have sought permission from police to hold the rally, aim to chant and disrupt the minute's silence held in honour of the war dead.

Firebrand cleric Anjem Choudary, who has links to the Muslims Against Crusades group, said: 'It's going to be called Hell for Heroes and it will be around the Royal Albert Hall.
Emdadur Choudhury was ordered by a court to pay just £50 for burning a poppy last November

'It will involve a protest and not observing the minute's silence. We had a significant amount of support from Muslims around the world last year.
'It's one thing to remember the dead from the First World War and subsequent wars but it's quite another when they say we need to remember the dead from Afghanistan and Iraq.

'It's become a political football and if they are going to use Remembrance Day for that purpose it's only right that we have a counter protest, which we say is for Muslims.

'The army is currently at war with Muslims in Muslim countries.' 
Choudary also played down reports that MP Mike Freer had feared for his safety after a protest at a north London mosque where he was holding a surgery.

Up to a dozen protesters forced their way into the mosque where Mr Freer was meeting constituents, prompting officials to lock him in a private room for his own safety.

Mr Freer, a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, said he was called a 'Jewish homosexual pig'.

He said he only later realised the MAC website had made reference to MP Stephen Timms, who was stabbed in his surgery by a Muslim women.
Choudary played down the protest saying: 'It was peaceful and there were no arrests.

'As far as I am aware there is no suggestion anyone from MAC said anything anti-semitic or homophobic.'

Jihad and Islamic Tolerance

Israel: Funeral of Grad Rocket Victim

What Now My Love? ... Now That It's Over

Women's Rights in the Arab Spring

"When women thrive, all of society benefits and succeeding generations are given a better start in life."-----Kofi Annan, Former Secretary General of the United Nations.
The first ever democratic elections as a result of the Arab Spring that took place in Tunisia are a definite victory that marks the end of a 23 year old dictatorship under Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. However, the victory of the Islamist party Ennahda raises questions, anxiety and doubts among the country's liberals and women.
A little background on the role of women in Tunisian society clearly explains why the election results may be alarming to many and why some may question what the role of women will be in the future. Tunisia has been at the forefront of women's rights under Ben Ali's regime. Tunisia is a progressive, Frenchified nation where Islamic tradition has always peacefully co-existed with modernist ideologies. It is not uncommon to see some Tunisian women covered from head to toe and wearing headscarves and others in mini-skirts, both accepted and tolerated in the society. The geographical proximity to Europe and cultural ties to France are perhaps at the root of this flexibility that Tunisia has demonstrated.
Tunisian women enjoy greater liberties, protection and equality than those of any other Arab countries. They have the highest rate of literacy in North Africa and outnumber men as university graduates and are the first among Arab women to be given the right to vote. The country has legalized abortion, banned polygamy, guaranteed equal rights in matters of divorce and written a legal code which explicitly outlaws spousal rape, domestic violence and sexual harassment. Along with this, the women of Tunisia hold significant political power, being guaranteed a certain number of seats in the assembly. Basically, Tunisian women have been the most liberated in the Arab world.
With this backdrop and considering that Tunisian women have become accustomed to such a high regard in society, it is very understandable that they would now begin questioning if and how their rights may change under a new Islamist government. Fears may also ensue from the fact that critics of Ennahda state that it is a party which is moderate in public and radical in the mosques. Although representatives for the party have made declarations assuring that women's rights will be respected, a large number of women in the country remain unconvinced.
Ennahda has stated that with its coalition partners, it will model its government and new constitution on that of Turkey, which is a Muslim majority country with a completely secular constitution.
There is no reason to jump to conclusions and make assumptions that because Tunisia will now have a largely Islamist government that the rights of women will alter and be stripped. Only time will tell. However, the growing concerns of the women and liberals in the country cannot be overlooked. Given the history of the rights of women under Islamic governance, it is an area of understandable concern for a nation which has been governed as a secular state for many years.
To what extent Ennahada will be secular and Islamic is yet to be seen. It is unsure in which direction the balance will tilt. However, what remains certain is that a reversal of the rights and equality with which women have lived and are accustomed to would be injustice. It would be as if Tunisia had taken one step forward and ten steps back and a clear demonstration to the world that Islam and equality for women cannot co-exist. That would certainly be a sad statement.
Tunisia, being the country that pioneered the Arab Spring movement, the first in the Arab world to lead in equality and protection of women and the first to hold democratic elections is thus a nation which is at the forefront of innovation and positive changes. It has been highly regarded and respected for largely non-violent transitions in the right direction, an attribute which hopefully will be preserved.
Here is hoping that the women of Tunisia remain empowered and respected today and tomorrow.
Sabria Chowdhury is Senior Editorial Assistant, The Daily Star.

EDL: Tommy Robinson on Free Speech

Muslims Colonizing Sweden

Islam Education Breeds Anger

New Al-Shabab message urges terrorist attacks against Canada

National Post

TORONTO — The al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab released an audiotape Sunday it said was a message from a Somali-American suicide bomber who struck an African Union base in Mogadishu this weekend, killing 10.
The English-language message specifically called for terrorist attacks in Canada and said it was a duty for Muslims to fight for Islam, urging listeners not to “just sit around and be a couch potato and just chill all day.”
“My brothers and sisters, do jihad in America, do jihad in Canada, do jihad in England [and] anywhere in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, in China, in Australia – anywhere you find kuffar [infidels],” it says.
“Fight them and be firm against them.”
The message appears to be the latest attempt by Al-Shabab to incite Western youths. Canadian authorities are investigating as many as 20 Canadians who are suspected of having joined the Islamist extremist group.
On March 29, police arrested a man at Pearson airport as he was allegedly leaving Canada to join Al-Shabab. Mohamed Hassan Hersi, 25, faces two terrorism-related charges but was released on bail.
A prominent Somali-Canadian leader told a U.S. congressional committee in Washington earlier this year that Canada was not doing enough to tackle the poisonous ideology of extremists.
“This dangerous and constant anti-Western narrative is fed to them by radicals in our community who do not hesitate to use these vulnerable youth as gun fodder in their desire to establish a base for the al-Qaeda terrorist group in Somalia,” Canadian Somali Congress president Ahmed Hussein testified.
Canada outlawed Al-Shabab last year due to concerns it was recruiting young Somali-Canadians. In one high-profile case, six youths left Toronto in 2009. An extremist website later reported one of them, a University of Toronto student, had been killed in battle.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

TLC Presents: Welcome To Michiganistan


Welcome to Dearborn, Michigan home of the families featured in TLC's new All-American Muslim. 
Premieres Nov. 13 @ 10/9c.

Islam in Europe Ends Free Speech Criminalizing Criticism of Islam

I Don't Think That Hillary Gets It ... At All!

Hey Hillary...
Re: Talking to Islamists ... It takes Two to Tango!

WASHINGTON is ready to negotiate with Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader who sheltered Osama bin Laden as he plotted the September 11 attacks.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has told a Congress committee that the US regards his involvement as crucial to the prospects for peace in Afghanistan.
Her comments have been taken as a significant shift in US policy, from moves to divide the Taliban-led insurgency and isolate Mullah Omar to an acknowledgement of his leadership.
Earlier this month it emerged that US officials had met leaders of the Haqqani network, the Taliban faction blamed for some of the most devastating attacks on US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.
Last week, the faction's commander, Sirajuddin Haqqani, warned Washington that only the Quetta Shura, the Taliban-led militant organisation, could negotiate a peace deal and that his fighters would not be divided.
In an appearance before the House foreign affairs committee, Mrs Clinton said the US would continue to ''fight, talk and build'' in Afghanistan and Pakistan to test any willingness to negotiate. She said there was ''evidence going both ways'' on its intentions.
Doubts were raised over the Taliban leadership's intentions after the assassination last month by a suicide bomber of Burhanuddin Rabbani, the former Afghan president and the head of the High Peace Council.
Mrs Clinton said last month's Haqqani meeting was not a ''negotiation'' and that no meetings had followed it, but stressed that any future negotiations with the Taliban would need the Quetta Shura's blessing. More Here ( Sydney Morning Herald)

You See Hillary ... It's Like This ... Don't You Understand that Muslims are the Soldiers Of Allah ... and ... 
(we) infidels are Enemies of Allah?

(Not) Coming Out ... In Sudan ... Part 1

Pakistani Potatoes and Eggs (Politicians and Islamists)

Potatoes & Eggs"political satire song mocking politicians & religious extremism in Pakistan

The latest Pakistani song to have gone viral on the Internet pokes fun at Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving Mumbai attacker, being treated like a "hero" in his home country and slain Governor Salmaan Taseer's assassin being treated like a "nawab".

Over the weekend, Lahore-based band Beyghairat Brigade (The Dishonor Brigade) unveiled its first single Aloo Anday - a sad commentary on Pakistani politics and the Pakistani psyche.

The song's video starts on an unassuming note with three boys in school uniforms complaining over their mother packing Aloo Anday for lunch, but in the following three minutes, the band takes on everyone from Sharif brothers of the PML-N to the "good-looking fundamentalist" Imran Khan.

Sung in Punjabi with subtitles in English, the video features singer Ali Aftab Saeed grumbling about Nobel Prize-winning Pakistani physicist Abdus Salam being forgotten by most while Taseer's assassin Mumtaz Qadri and Kasab are being hailed as new heroes.

If the clever lyrics were not stinging enough, the band holds up placards to leave no scope for doubt.

Among them are: "Nawaz Sharif, bye bye. Papa Kiyani no likey you"; "Tehreek-i-Insaf = good looking Jamaat-e-Islami"; "free Judiciary = Hanged PPP"; "Your money + my pocket = we're still enemies" and "Mullah + Military + Ziaul Yuckee".

Well-known columnist Nadeem F Paracha dedicated his latest article to the video.

"The name says it all: A tongue-in-cheek take on what is called the Beyghairat brigade (dishonour brigade), the band sarcastically embraces a title that the peddlers of qaumi ghairat (national honour) spit at those who disagree with the brigade's conspiratorial rants and an almost xenophobic brand of 'patriotism'," he wrote.

"In a clean, unadulterated sweep that lasts not more than ten seconds, Beyghairat Brigade wonders about a country where killers like Mumtaz Qadri (who assassinated former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer after accusing him of committing blasphemy) are treated as royals; and where Ajmal Kasab (the Pakistani terrorist who took part in the attack in Mumbai) is a hero; and where mullahs escape wearing a woman's burqa (like the head cleric of the Lal Masjid); and how no-one ever mentions men like the Nobel-Prize winning Pakistani scientist Abdul Salam (just because he belonged to the outlawed Ahmadi sect)," Paracha wrote.

On its Facebook page, the band describes itself as a "deadly injection for deadly infection" and tells people cheekily "if you want us killed, like us".

Apart from the stupendous response on the Internet, the song has been played on Dawn News channel.

Others, however, are accusing the group of promoting the cause of the minority Ahmadi sect, which was declared non-Muslim in the 1970s.

Israel and Gaza militants exchange fire, 8 killed

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israeli aircraft struck at Palestinian militants in Gaza on Saturday who responded with a volley of rockets which rained on southern Israeli towns, Israeli and Palestinian officials said. Palestinian officials said seven militants were killed, while on the Israeli side one civilian was killed and four others were wounded.
Exchanges of fire are common between southern Israel and the Gaza strip controlled by the militant Hamas group, but this is the worst one in months.
Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Adham Abu Salmia said that seven people were killed and 15 wounded in two separate attacks on militant targets.
Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said one Israeli civilian was killed and four others wounded when Palestinian rockets exploded in residential areas in southern Israel.
An Israeli military spokesman confirmed a total of three strikes in Gaza, saying the military hit Palestinian militants from the Islamic Jihad, one of several groups in Gaza which fires rockets into southern Israel. The spokesman said that the first attack specifically targeted a cell responsible for a Wednesday rocket attack that exploded deep inside Israel. That attack had caused no casualties.
The military "will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli civilians," the spokesman said. He spoke on condition of anonymity in accordance with military protocols.
The Israeli military released video footage taken from a military drone Saturday afternoon that shows Palestinians unloading rockets from a truck and preparing them for firing at Israel. The strike took place shortly afterward.
Abu Salmia, the Gaza health official, said five people had been killed and 11 wounded in the first attack. Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Ahmed confirmed that one of its local field commanders, Ahmed Sheikh Khalil, was among the dead. He said Khalil was one of the group's chief bomb makers. "Today it was a great loss for us in the Islamic Jihad," he said. "The size of our retaliation will equal our loss," it said in a text message sent to reporters.
"Our response shall be in the depths of the Zionist entity," it said in reference to the Israeli heartland.
After the first airstrike, militants in Gaza fired over 20 rockets at southern Israel, Rosenfeld said.
Islamic Jihad took responsibility for firing the rockets in a text message to reporters, and released photos of the rockets being launched from the backs of pickup trucks. The group said this is the first time they are using this system as opposed to firing them from launchers on the ground.
One rocket hit an apartment building in the southern city of Ashkelon and injured a 50 year-old Israeli who later died of his wounds, Rosenfeld said. Another exploded outside an apartment building in nearby Ashdod, injuring one person. Israeli television showed about a dozen cars in flames outside the building.
Another Israeli sustained shrapnel wounds in the nearby town of Gan Yavneh and others in the Ashdod region were treated for shock, the Israeli military spokesman said.
Israel's Channel 2 television reported that one rocket hid a school, causing massive damage. No one was hurt because the school was closed for the Jewish Sabbath, Ashdod Mayor Yehiel Lasri said.
After the rocket barrage, Abu Salmia said that a second Israeli attack killed two people. Islamic Jihad confirmed that they were militants. Israel's military spokesman said that the second air strike had hit "terrorists that fired rockets on Israel in the evening,"
The military confirmed a third air strike, but Abu Salmia said that it hit an open area and caused no casualties.
The Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad took responsibility for multiple suicide bombings and shooting attacks against civilians in Israel during the second Palestinian intifadah, or uprising, in the first half of the last decade.
Israel and Hamas, the militant group that rules Gaza, blamed each other for the flare up in violence Saturday.
"The Hamas terror organization is solely responsible for any terrorist activity emanating from the Gaza Strip," the Israeli military said.
Israel as a matter of policy holds Hamas liable for violence perpetrated by any of the different armed groups in the coastal territory.
Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum meanwhile said Israel is "fully responsible for all the results of this dangerous escalation."
In the winter of 2008, Israel launched a broad military offensive inside Gaza aimed at stopping almost daily Palestinian rocket fire at Israeli communities.
Since then, violence has continued sporadically along the border and Palestinians continue to launch mortars and rockets at Israel, but to a much lesser degree.
On Wednesday, militants fired a long-range Katyusha rocket that exploded near Ashdod in the south of Israel. Sirens also went off in the central Israeli city of Rehovot, which unlike many southern Israeli cities is not accustomed to rocket fire, causing panic. The Israeli military said the alarm went off because the rocket exploded in an area between the two cities.
Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said that Israeli diplomats "will protest against the indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israeli civilians to the U.N. Secretary General." He said a similar letter sent after Wednesday's attack has yet to be answered.

MP Mike Freer Threatened at Mosque ... "Jewish Homosexual Pig"

 An MP has described how he waited for police behind a locked door during a constituency surgery after he was threatened by a group of men.

Mike Freer said it happened at North Finchley mosque in north London as he met constituents on Friday afternoon.

Mr Freer said about 12 people forced their way inside, with one of them calling him a "Jewish homosexual pig".

The trouble began after messages on the Muslims Against Crusades website urged supporters to target him, he said.
Mr Freer said a message posted ahead of the incident on the group's website, made reference to Labour MP Stephen Timms, who was stabbed while holding a surgery in east London last year.
It warned the attack on Mr Timms should serve as a "piercing reminder" to politicians that "their presence is no longer welcome in any Muslim area".
The Finchley and Golders Green MP, a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel, said there was a vocal demonstration outside the mosque as he began his surgery, but then a second group of people arrived and forced their way inside.
'Blood on hands'
"One of them sat at a table where I was dealing with a constituent and was abusive," he said.
The MP said he was then escorted by staff at the mosque to a locked part of the building until assistance arrived.
Mr Freer said he only realised the potential danger he had been in when he was made aware of the website's reference to the attack on East Ham MP Mr Timms.
The message also stated that "as a member of the Conservative Party", Mr Freer had "the blood of thousands of Muslims on his hands".
"Had I seen the website beforehand, I suspect it might have been a bit more worrying," the MP said.
Mr Freer, who played a prominent role in the campaign against Palestinian activist Sheikh Raed Salah's visit to the UK earlier in the year, said he would "continue to condemn all forms of religious intolerance".
He added that he wanted Home Secretary Theresa May to monitor closely the actions of Muslims Against Crusades.
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "Officers attended North Finchley Mosqueat 4.10pm on Friday after a disturbance by protesters inside the building.
"There were no arrests."   BBC News

Obama Administration Wants Military to Fight The Weather

US Strategic Planning and National Security

Muslim vs. Muslim Debate Prayer Rooms at Catholic University

Greed: The Culture for Divorce in Islamic Society

Recipe for Divorce:
The Wealth-Driven Marriage

He has no qualms about an arranged marriage. But, since he wants to be sure that she is the one that he wants to spend the rest of his life with (without a shred of doubt), he doesn’t accept the decision with the nonchalant attitude of “let’s see if it works out or not.” Being pushed into marrying a girl who he’s not the least bit attracted to, he is unsure how to deal with his family members as they aggressively lobby for that girl.
“I don’t ask for much,” stated the 31-year old bachelor from Karachi, adding that “the push is due to the fact that she’s from a ‘good family.’” In explaining what constitutes a good family, the would-be bridegroom says: “What else, they are moneyed and politically well-connected and that has blinded nearly everyone in my family.”
Though the priorities may differ from one family to another, wealth remains a factor that is integral to the choice of a marriage partner, regardless of which strata of society you look at. The gardener at my family home in Karachi cried bitterly as he narrated how his daughter’s marriage was called off because he couldn’t meet the groom’s increasing demands for dowry. The dynamics remain the same when you look at the educated and wealthy classes, the only difference being that they use the code words “good family” or “socially acceptable” as euphemisms for “wealthy.”
A marriage between individuals of differing socioeconomic status could benefit one party or the other, or a marriage between equals could be a merger of two giants aiming to further climb the social ladder. Whatever the circumstances of an economics-driven match, there’s certainly nothing wrong with marrying into wealth if the couple is agreeable and is able to lead a happily married life. But more often than not, I’ve seen such arrangements, in which compatibility is overlooked in favor of economic gain, lead to a debacle.
According to a 2011 report, “more than 100 divorces are registered in [Lahore] family courts in a day.” Besides the ego that influences two people to split apart, “forced marriages and early marriages,” psychiatrist Najeeb Zaheer said, contribute to failed marriages in Pakistan. Other Muslim-majority countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, are witnessing a similar trend.
“The [Jeddah] court registers 40 marriages and 20 divorces a day,” Somayya Jabrti, now deputy editor of Arab News, wrote in an article published in 2003. “The situation has only worsened,” a Saudi said on grounds of anonymity. In addition to polygamy and illicit relationships that fuel breakups, lack of compatibility is also to be blamed for failed marriages.
When I asked around, friends in Saudi Arabia claimed that they knew divorcees in every other household in their social circle, despite the social stigma attached with divorced women and the enormous pain a woman has to endure in separating from a spouse unwilling to cut the marital cord.
In Egypt, while I was teaching high school Social Studies in an American curriculum school, nearly every other teacher said that I was wasting my breath in pushing my female students to challenge themselves in order to realise their true potential. The reason I was given was that most of the girls that I taught would be married off after high school or college and divorced soon thereafter — at least that’s the trend.
On my parting note, I implored my students to realise their dreams. When I had joined the school, shortly after the Egyptian revolution, most of them replied with blank stares when I asked: “What do you want to do with your life?” Five months later, almost everyone had something to say.  Interestingly, one of the 10th graders, who perhaps understood my emphasis on “doing something constructive in life,” said “don’t worry…I will not marry a rich man and end up divorced soon after…I will become an architect and make you proud.” Well, I truly hope so!
Even though the correlation between marriage for money and the increasing divorce rate cannot be backed by quantifiable data, one cannot reasonably expect marriages devoid of love and respect to stand the test of time.
Being coerced into marriage — because wealth, power and tribal ties are good for you — is the beginning of a slippery slope towards renouncing all autonomy in life decisions for those willing to sell their souls for material gain.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Registration for Beginners Hand Gun Class

God Bless America ... Don't Mess with Texas!

A radio ad for a handgun training class that bars Muslims and Obama voters has sparked an investigation in Texas.
"We will attempt to teach you all the necessary information you need to obtain your [Concealed Handgun License]," the ad says. Then towards the end, it adds: "If you are a socialist liberal and/or voted for the current campaigner in chief, please do not take this class. You have already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision under the law."
And then: "If you are a non-Christian Arab or Muslim, I will not teach you the class with no shame; I am Crockett Keller, thank you, and God bless America."
The ad ran for six days on KHLB, Mason's local station. It's also been heard tens of thousands of times on Youtube.
Keller, 65, has said in media interviews that he just regards the message is just common sense. "The fact is, if you are a devout Muslim, then you cannot be a true American," he told local news station KVUE, while fielding calls congratulating him for his stance. "Why should I arm these people to kill me? That's suicide."
"I call it exercising my right to choose who I instruct in how to use a dangerous weapon," he added.
But the state of Texas may disagree. The Department of Public Safety said in a statement that certified instructors of handgun training are required to comply with all applicable state and federal laws, and added: "Conduct by an instructor that denied service to individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion would place that instructor's certification by the Department at risk of suspension or revocation." The department has said it has begun an investigation.
It seems unlikely that Keller will back down, though. "I'm not going to do it," he told the local news. "I will give up my license to teach before I will teach them," he said, referring to Obama voters and Muslims.
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Can't You See I'm Naked? ... I've Burned my Burqa

Michael Coren with Tarek Fatah: Burn the Burka


Ethnic Warfare in Multi-Cultural Britain

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

'Radical Islamist gunman opens fire outside U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo in a terrorist attack'

  • Bosnian television identified the gunman as Serbian Mevlid Jasarevic, 23, from the mainly Muslim town of Novi Pazar
  • Muslim member of Bosnia's tripartite presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, has condemned the attack
A suspected radical Islamist gunman opened fire outside US embassy in Sarajevo today in an apparent terror attack.
Dramatic pictures show the heavily bearded gunman calmly walking the streets clutching his semi automatic weapon before indiscriminately shooting at civilians and police officers.
And the Bosnian president has told reporters he believes the shooting spree in front of the embassy was terrorist attack.

Terror: The gunman walked the streets clutching his semi automatic weapon before indiscriminately open firing at police

Pictures taken at the scene show the gunman chillingly approach the embassy carrying his weapon before callously open firing at officers and passers-by.
Earlier media reports said the man, identified as a member of the Wahhabi branch of Islam, was killed by a sniper after firing a Kalashnikov rifle at the US mission. 
But later it was confirmed the gunman, identified by Bosnian television as 23-year-old Serbian Mevlid Jasarevic, was still alive after being shot down in a police operation at the embassy.
'The doctors are conducting a medical intervention and the man is expected to be escorted from hospital by the police in next two to three hours,' said hospital spokeswoman Biljana Jandric.     

Shoot to kill: The gunman was calmly seen approaching the U.S. Embassy in a long coat which seem to cover traditional dress

Run for your life: As the gunman opens fire police rushed to seal the area off as drivers careered away from the embassy

A police spokesman told Bosnian television at least one officer was injured before the gunman was taken down.
He added: 'The person who fired an automatic weapon was wounded and arrested during the police operation. 
'After receiving medical treatment on the scene the person was hospitalised.' police spokesman Irfan Nefic told national BHT television.

Spree: The unidentified gunman was on the streets armed and shooting for at least 30 minutes
before police shot him down

Embassy spokeswoman Sanja Pejcinovic would not go into details of the apparent attack.
'We can confirm there has been an incident in front of the embassy. The building is closed and we are waiting for the police to seal off the area', she told AFP.
Bosnian national radio said police were searching the vicinity of the embassy for possible accomplices.
'Several police patrols were sent to the scene. Two police men were wounded, one in the leg and one in the head," the radio reported.'

Operation: Bosnian police unit deploy to the spot after an unidentified gunman open fire at the US embassy in Sarajevo

Bosnia, which was torn apart by war between Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslim), Croats and Serbs in 1992-95 as Yugoslavia collapsed, is considered a strong ally of the United States in the turbulent Balkans.               
Bakir Izetbegovic, the Muslim member of Bosnia's tripartite presidency, condemned the attack, saying the United States was a proven friend' of Bosnia.               
'The American government and people have supported us in the most difficult moments of our history, and nobody has the right to endanger the friendly relations between our two countries,' he said in a statement.

Shot down: The gunman lies on the street bleeding after being shot down by police

Jasminka Fisic, who was close to the embassy --located in the centre of Sarajevo near the iconic Holiday Inn hotel --told AFP by telephone that the entire area was sealed off with police cars speeding towards the embassy.
Bosnia is home to a small minority of followers of Wahhabism, a strict and ultra-conservative brand of Islam which is dominant in Saudi Arabia.
During Bosnia's 1992-95 war between its Croats, Muslims and Serbs, a large number of volunteers from Muslim nations flocked to the Balkan country to take up arms.
Many of these Muslim fighters stayed on after the conflict and obtained Bosnian citizenship. Some in the mostly moderate Bosnian Muslim community have converted to the more radical Islam preached by several ex-mujahedeen.
The U.S. embassy in Sarajevo, a mainly Muslim city, closed briefly in March 2002 citing an unspecified threat, but the building has not come under attack before.