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Compassionate Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa In Favour Of Sexual Harmony

... Reduces Temporary Marriages to Just Minutes!
(or however long it takes to get your Stones Off)
... We Don't Want Any of Our Boys to Get Blue Balls!

Saudi Arabia Releases List of Weirdest Fatwas For 2012

RIYADH – The Arab world witnessed issuance of a flurry of religious edicts (fatwas) during 2012, most of which became controversial due to their strange nature and political dimensions.

These included a fatwa forbidding non-Palestinian Muslims from visiting Jerusalem, Islam’s third holiest city, and a ban on playing football.

Some of these fatwas seemed to have the hallmark of the Arab Spring, according to a report in Al-Hayat newspaper. 

Among the most controversial fatwas, there was one by renowned Islamic scholar Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, who is the chairman of the International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS).

His fatwa came as a disapproval of the Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas’s call for Arabs and Muslims to visit occupied Jerusalem, commenting that this is not accepted in Islam.

In the fatwa issued earlier in 2012, Sheikh Al-Qaradawi said: “The Palestinians are entitled to enter the holy city as they please, but the Arab and Muslim people are not.” The scholar explained that this is prohibited for the purpose of not legitimizing the Israeli occupation. 

“Such a visit legitimizes the entity of the usurper of Muslim lands, and would force Muslim visitors to deal with the embassy of the enemy to get a visa.”

The Islamic Ummah as a whole should be in a position of responsibility to defend the Arab holy city, not the Palestinian people only, he said.

Earlier this year, another fatwa came from Sheikh Abdul Moneim Al-Shahat, who is also an Egyptian like Sheikh Al-Qaradawi.

Al-Shahat, spokesman of the Salafi Preaching Movement, ruled that football is forbidden in Islam in the first place.

While delivering a sermon in a mosque in Alexandria, he said: “Only three sports are allowed in Islam: javelin throw, swimming, and horseback riding. Other sports are forbidden.”

Later, he issued a clarification, saying that he was referring to professional football that has commercial value. The provocation for Al-Shahat’s fatwa was the disaster at the Port Said stadium in northern Egypt that killed around 80 football fans on February 1, 2012.

Suleiman Al-Olwan, a Saudi scholar, issued a fatwa that football players are evildoers and that the game prevents Muslims from practicing their religion and ideology.

Last week, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Saeedi, professor of Shariah at Makkah’s Umm Al-Qura University, ruled that prayer against anyone, even if it is a minister, is permissible.

The fatwa followed threats from some people to pray against Labor Minister Adel Fakieh in objection of the minister’s vigorous Saudization drive.

Most of the controversial fatwas had originated from Egypt in the second year of the Arab Spring.

Marjan Al-Gohari, a member of a Salafi jihadist group, issued a fatwa to destroy pyramids and the Sphinx.

He wanted these antiquities demolished just as Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) destroyed the idols he found upon his conquest of Makkah.

Another scholar, also a Salafi member in the dissolved parliament, proposed a draft law to reduce the age of marriage and fix it at 14.

The Egyptian Ifta Council issued a fatwa forbidding beating students at schools.

In Mauritania, the advisor of President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz issued a fatwa banning women from becoming presidents, even though they are allowed to contest the elections.

Islamic scholar and presidential advisor Aslamo Ould Sidi Al-Mustafa said: “Women can run for the presidency as long as they have no chance of winning. They can just do that for fun.”

The fatwa attracted criticism from the Association of Female Heads of Families, one of Mauritania’s most prominent rights organizations for women.

According to the association, the fatwa constitutes a flagrant violation of women’s rights as well as Mauritanian laws. Bowing to pressure from pressure groups, the government was forced to form a Supreme Council for Fatwa and Grievances and restrict issuance of individual fatwas.

In Tunisia, a scholar issued a fatwa forbidding strikes. 

Sheikh Bashir bin Hussein justified his edict, issued on December 8, saying that general strikes would hamper the country’s development and economic growth.

Two State Solution OK with Netanyahu

... Just 2 Conditions:
1. Recognize Jewish State of Israel
2. Stop Waging War Against Israel

in other words ... Stop Being Idiots!

India Establishes Fair Value in Compensation Case

... and Pays It for the Rapists!

...The Price of Gang Rape
... about $410,000

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government today announced financial aid of Rs 15 lakh for the next of the kin of the 23-year-old gangrape victim and offered a job to a family member of the girl, who died two days ago.

The decisions were taken at a Cabinet meetingpresided over by Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

The phsyiotherapy student was brutally gangraped and assaulted in a moving bus in south Delhi on December 16. She breathed her last in a Singapore hospital on Saturday morning and her mortal remains were cremated here yesterday. 

Relationship Wanted: Sincere Gent Looking for Long Term Affair With Financially Stable Benefactor

... a Trillion Bucks Will Do (for now)

... Out Of Gas
... Out of New Ideas 
... At The Cliff's Edge

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Fiscalcliff deadline looms & $1 trillion tax hike starts Jan. 1
Posted: December 31, 2012 

What does the future of our country hold? The national debt has passed $16 trillion. We’ve had four straight years of $1 trillion-plus federal deficits. We’re facing more $50 trillion in unfunded government promises coming due.  Washington seems paralyzed to stop the massive overspending and get our fiscal house in order. No wonder so many Americans are asking whether the U.S. is headed for implosion.
For these and many other reasons, we need to be praying for our leaders to be making wise decisions, as well as beseeching the Lord to give our country a Third Great Awakening.
“A frantic round of late-night negotiations on Sunday between Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, moved the Senate close to a deal to stave off hundreds of billions of dollars in tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts that would begin to kick in on Tuesday, according to people familiar with the talks,” reports the New York Times. “But officials cautioned that optimism had risen in past days only to burst hours later. An objection by just one senator could derail a deal until the next Congress convenes on Thursday.”
“It looks awful,” said Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the second-ranking Democrat. “I’m sure the American people are saying, with so much at stake why are they waiting so late to get this done?” (NYT)
Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, who had said early Sunday that he thought a deal was within reach, said later on his Twitter feed, “I think we’re going over the cliff.” (NYT)
The Washington Post reports that “regardless of whether an agreement is reached to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff,’ many Americans are all but certain to face a broad hike in taxes starting Tuesday because of the expiration of the payroll tax cut, which was enacted in 2011 as a temporary measure to boost economic growth.”
Americans for Tax Reform report that “on January 1, regardless of the outcome of fiscal cliff negotiations, Americans  will be hit with a $1 trillion Obamacare tax hike.”

This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land

... From The River To The Sea
... This Land was Made
... For You and Me
... or Something Like That!

I Have A Dream ...

 ...You've Got a Dream? 
... We've Got a Nightmare!

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Egyptian Church Bombing in Libya

... It's against everything that we believe in, Immoral and Un-Islamic.
... Furthermore, when we come to your Country, we will Chop Off your head, Enslave your children and Rape your wife!
... Happy New Year ... Oh Wait A Minute! ... We've Got a Fatwa Against That!

Freedom and Justice Party
Egypt’s Freedom and Justice party (FJP) expressed deep regret and condemnation of the terrorist act which targeted the Egyptian church extension in Misrata, Libya, and claimed the lives of two Egyptians.
The FJP stressed that this violent crime is a gross violation of the teachings of all religions, including Islam, as well as all customs and international covenants on human rights.
The FJP, the political arm of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, warned of the danger of these heinous acts and attacks at this sensitive stage in Arab Spring countries, especially Libya, stressing that the Libyan people are peaceful by nature, and condemn violence in all its forms and manifestations.
The FJP further asserted that this represents a blatant violation of the freedom of worship, and evidence of racism, extremism and ignorance of the sanctity of places of worship, and that it represents a defiance of all values ??and international laws and norms that emphasize the need to respect places of worship, and to respect other peoples’ religious rites.
In conclusion, the FJP expressed confidence in the ability of the Libyan authorities to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to trial without delay, in order to safeguard Libya’s security and stability, and to prevent the recurrence of such subversive incidents in the future.

Serve Your Creator Out Of Love

Saturday, 29 December 2012

White Man Speak With Forked Tongue

... No! ... Wait A Minute ... It's The Other Guy!

I Didn't Do It, Nobody Saw Me Do It, There's No Way You Can Prove Anything!

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Denies Involvement In Syria Battles
 The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement said Friday its fighters did not side with the Syrian regular troops in the recent battles in and around Al-Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Damascus. "All reports about our involvement in the battles are no more than tendentious lies and groundless fabrications," the group said in a statement received by KUNA here this evening. It was commenting on a report carried by the Kuwaiti Al-Seyassah daily newspaper, saying that Jihad militants are involved in ongoing infighting in Syria. "The Zionist regime sought to promulgate such tendentious reports in retaliation for the Movement's valiant role in the recent (Israeli) war on Gaza Strip," according to the statement. More Here

Friday, 28 December 2012

God Bless Freedom Of Speech

Let Me Get This Straight:
1. The Violent Killing of Innocent People by Muslims Whenever Someone Criticizes The Prophet Mohammed is Not Islam. ... Hmmm?
2. The Exercising of One's Right and Freedom to Criticize is Not Freedom of Speech! ... ???

Maybe I Missed Something but Here's A Few Thoughts From The Qur'an and Hadith That Don't Exactly Line Up With Your Little Dawah Video:

Under Sharia, those who insult Muhammad or Allah are to be put to death.  So are those who desecrate the Qur'an, or commit other acts of blasphemy.  This tradition began with Muhammad, as recorded in the Hadith and by his biographers.  There is also a Qur'anic basis for it.
The Qur'an:
Qur'an (6:93) - "Who can be more wicked than one who inventeth a lie against Allah?" (Apparently not the adulterer or others for whom death is proscribed).
Qur'an (33:57) - "Lo! those who malign Allah and His messenger, Allah hath cursed them in this world and the Hereafter, and hath prepared for them the doom of the disdained"
Qur'an (33:61) - [continues from above] "Accursed, they will be seized wherever found and slain with a (fierce) slaughter."
From the Hadith:
Bukhari (59:369) - This recounts the murder of Ka'b bin al-Ashraf, a Jewish poet who wrote verses about Muslims that Muhammad found insulting.  He asked his followers, 'Who will rid me of this man?' and several volunteered.  al-Ashraf was stabbed to death while fighting for his life.
Bukhari (3:106) - "The Prophet said, "Do not tell a lie against me for whoever tells a lie against me (intentionally) then he will surely enter the Hell-fire."
Bukhari (4:241) - Those who mocked Muhammad at Mecca were killed after he had retaken the city and asserted his authority.

Oppressed Indonesian Muslims Viciously Persecuted By Racist Christians

Under The Sea You Go ... Mahmoud!

Sweden Has The Same Problem as the Rest of the World

Egypt: Contaminated Joooz Should Return!

Morsi's Advisor: Jews Should Return to Egypt

Morsi advisor causes media storm when he says that Jews should return to Egypt rather than live in "a country contaminated by occupation."

Essam El-Erian
Essam El-Erian

An advisor to Egypt's Islamist president has caused an uproar by saying Jews should return to Egypt.
Essam el-Erian, a senior official in the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party and a close associate of President Mohammed Morsi, was quoted as having said during an
El-Erian added that the Jews should return immediately to Egypt to "make way for the Palestinian people" and said, "Every Egyptian has the right to come back to Egypt, no matter what his religion." more here

Come Back!

Zak Advocates "Making Love ... Not War"

... or Something Like That!

Zak Ahmed

       Contact Information        


"  ... I Pray that all of your daughters get raped by a Muslim, ..."

There's Islam, and there's Apostasy, and then there's Saudi Arabia

CEMB Admins has uploaded Saudi Arabia - Oppression of Expression - Support Raif Badawi, Turki Al-Hamad and Hamza Kashgari..

Published on Dec 28, 2012
Saudi Arabia is a theocratic, Salafi, Islamist state that holds regular public executions for crimes including "apostasy", a charge often used to stifle free speech, dissenting views, and any critical scrutiny of Islam.

This video discusses the current ongoing cases of 3 Saudi dissidents who are being targeted by their country's religious and political oppression.

Raif Badawi, Turki Al-Hamad and Hamza Kashgari.

Please see the links below for more information.

And please SHARE this video in your social networks. Thank you!

Visit our forum to discuss:

Thank you for your support. Please keep comments civil and on topic.

Free and safeguard Raif Badawy, a liberal Saudi accused of "Apostasy"


Petitioning Saud bin Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud
King Abdullah: Immediately release journalist Hamza Kashgari


Raif Badawi:

Saudi web editor could face death for 'liberal' site

Saudi Arabia uses capital offence of 'apostasy' to stifle debate (Amnesty International)

Saudi Arabia: Website Editor Facing Death Penalty Encouraged Peaceful Religious Discussion (Human Rights Watch)


Turki Al-Hamad:

Saudi writer arrested for Islam 'insult'

Prominent Saudi Writer Arrested After Controversial Tweets


Hamza Kashgari:

Support for Hamza

Hamza Kashgari - Wikipedia

The Internet vs. Hamza Kashgari
How an online lynch mob left a Saudi writer facing a death sentence

News and Info:

Capital punishment in Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

Analyses - Madrassas | PBS - Saudi Time Bomb?

Madrassah Booted From Toronto School Pending Hate Probe

How I survived chop chop square

Eight Beheadings on "Justice" Square

Saudi school lessons in UK concern government

Saudi Arabia funding $100m Kabul mosque and education centre

Lessons of Hate at Islamic Schools in Britain

Muslim pupils learn to cut off hands of thieves

A State of Denial - Justice in Saudi Arabia - CBC News

Saudi-backed religious "dialogue" centre opens in Vienna

Saudi Money with Strings Attached (Vienna Review)


narrated by: allat
produced by: nesrin
music credit: Gymnopedie No. 1 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.


2013 ??? ... I Can't Wait!

Norway: Do The Crime ... Who Cares About The The Time!

This Is Exactly Why We Hate The Taliban

The "Price Tag" Tied To "Identity"

... From Country to Country
... So It Seems!
For Europe! The meeting of the IB in FFM 
Published on Dec 1, 2012
Last Saturday, the 1st December 2012 took place in Frankfurt for the first meeting of the Germany-wide identity-movement. About 50 people from across the country had traveled. Even representatives of the Austrian and Italian identity
itären came.
The organization worked, excellent thanks to the punctuality of all the participants and without any disturbances and incidents, we could devote the cause for which we had come together: the organization and unification of identitary forces in Germany.
Unanimously at the meeting was a request for federal structuring adopted the IB and from the congregation were 4 Responsible for Presssearbeit, IT, finance, and a line selected.
Furthermore, the foundation for a common contextual course was laid, the tie directly to the 4 positions and develop the identarian idea further.
The IB took effect on 1 December 2012 from their online existence in reality. A Germany-wide network was created through work items were summarized and simplified. The IB is no fluke, no fad and no volatile, viral Internet phenomenon.
We are since 1 December an organized campaign of action and capable community of European contacts, clear ideas and sharp objectives. At this moment, all over the country feverish preparations for future actions and networks running. The identity-off in Germany has only just begun! We will be releasing over the next few days videos, images and reports of our meeting. All inquiries and applications for membership, please go to: contact @ identitarian movement

Hardbass FFM die 2
Published on Dec 3, 2012
On 1 December 2012 was the first Germany-wide meeting instead of the IB. Some activists wanted equal usher with an action, and so we'll grab us a blaster and spontaneous masks to with fat beats against multiculturalism and Islamization Bassen. ;)
Nothing brings more momentum and the movement as Hardbass. Cheer up guys: snippets do, get music + mask and put the bass in your city. Dance the Reconquista!

German victim-offender foreign
Published on November 25, 2012
Day by day, German victims of bullying, robbery, assault, rape and murder. All explanations that will fail to reduce this phenomenon on social or economic issues. It is a ehtnische fault line, an invisible war in the German are specifically selected as a victim. We need to talk about and defend ourselves. We are no longer victims of their own city! Reported racist violence against German and defends you against

We need to talk about ...
Published on November 23, 2012
We are the identitarian movement. We are a European networked initiative, which is about the future of our ethno-cultural identity. We oppose racism, hate us violence, and advocate a Viefalt and free development of nations and cultures. That means we would also have to defend their selves. We pose the question of Germany's future and identity. We want to finally start an honest discussion about our future. We no longer believe in the utopia of our parents' generation. We experience their failure every day on his own body!We are the generation of identity-and we will not be silent!

A Festive Winter and (Arab) Spring! ... Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad

... See You Soon In (The Soon To Be "Liberated:) Lebanon 
... Under Sharia (of Course) 
... and you (as a Kukkar) will live in a state of Dhimitude!

The Islamic spring in lebanon and the call for Islamic State. 
Islamic fatwas prohibits with participation in the celebration of Christmas.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

All In All, It's Just Another Brick Thrown At Us All!

Roger Waters: Rock God Delegate To The U.N.
Undisputed Authority on Demonization, Double Standards and Delegitimization

Veterans Today: The Jewish Question

Anti-Semitism Is Alive And Well In The Hearts Of US Military Veterans!

... "By using the term Zionist, you cover up the greater crimes of all Jews"

This Isreal

This Isreal from Matty Brown on Vimeo.

Bellying Up ... To Sharia

... Belly Dancing In Your Burqa?
... It's The End Of Belly Dancing As We Know It!

and Then:

We Will Make The Stones, Trees and People of Gaza Talk

... Good On Ya Mate! (Grand Mufti of Australia)
... You Must Be Chuffed
... "Stones, Trees and People Of Gaza"
... Very Cute!
... Nobody Will Ever Guess That You Are Telling Palestinian's To Kill The Joooz!

Kill Jooz

Abu Huraira (ra) reported Allah's Messenger (saas) as saying:

“The Last Hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews. The Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: ‘Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him;’ but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.”
(Sahih Muslim, Kitab al-Fitan wa Ashrat as-Sa'ah, Book 41, 6985)

“So that Jews will hide behind trees and the tree will say “Muslim! The servant of Allah! Come, look there is a Jew behind me, he hid here, behind me, come and punish him”. Only the tree Gharqad will not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.”
(Kitab al-Fitan, hadith. 2239)

Jingle Bells, Shotgun Shells, Bullets All The Way

Oh What Fun It Is To Bomb Christians Today!

Apparently He Didn't Hear That Slavery Had Been Abolished!

I Sure Am Glad To Hear That Keeping Slaves Isn't A Criminal Offense! ... It's Just An Issue Of Monetary Compensation!

A federal judge has ordered a naval officer from the United Arab Emirates to pay $1.2 million to a former domestic worker for his family in Rhode Island who accused him of forcing her to work long hours for little pay.
U.S. District Court Judge John McConnell in August ruled Col. Arif Mohamed Saeed Mohamed Al-Ali in default for failing to appear in court in a lawsuit brought by Elizabeth Ballesteros, who cared for Al-Ali’s family in East Greenwich when he was studying at the U.S. Naval War College.
On Wednesday, McConnell ordered Al-Ali to pay Ballesteros for forcing her to be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and for what he called outrageous and inhumane conduct.
 Al-Ali was previously acquitted of criminal charges.

Fun and Games In Arabian Nights

... Oh! ... Those Naughty Saudis
... That's Haram, Isn't It? 

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Shame on BBC: Censoring Interview with Coptic Christian

(Sound is lost at around 04:00 but resumes at 05:39)  

From BBC Watch
This episode of the BBC programme ‘Hardtalk‘ in which Zeinab Badawi interviews Coptic Christian Naguib Sawiris – founder of the Free Egyptians Party – is not connected to Israel, but it is both interesting in itself as well as useful in that it provides a glimpse into BBC perceptions of the “Arab Spring” some six months after the publication of the BBC Trust commissioned report on the subject.

Wikipedia: Zeinab Badawi
Badawi was born in Sudan[1] and has lived in Britain since the age of three. Her great-grandfather, Sheikh Babiker Badri, fought against Kitchener's British forces at the Battle of Omdurman in 1898 and pioneered women's education in Sudan. Badawi's father was a newspaper editor in Sudan committed to social reform who, when the family moved to the UK, joined the BBC's Arabic Service.[6] Badawi speaks Arabic but not fluently. She was educated at Hornsey High School for Girls in North London, before going up to read Philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE) at St Hilda's College, Oxford University. At Oxford, Badawi was a member of the Oxford University Broadcasting Society.[7] In 1988 she moved back to London to pursue a full time one year MA at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London in Politics and Anthropology of the Middle East, graduating with Distinction in 1989.[8] 

Wikipedia: Naguib Sawaris
He is considered a nationalist and supporter of liberalism. He favored a gradual transition during the 2011 Egyptian revolution and played as a mediating figure between the protesters and Hosni Mubarak's people. Although he expressed concerns about the military caretaker government[4] he favored changes that increased democracy and stability.[5] He is the founder of the liberal Free Egyptians Party.[6][7] In 2009 Sawiris launched the Arabic-language ONTV television network, which has adopted a politically liberal stance and, in addition to its popular Ramadan serials, hosts two of the most-watched talk shows in Egypt,[8] including Al Bernameg, a satirical news program hosted by Bassem Youssef, who has been compared to Jon Stewart.[9]

Hamas: Our Vision of Gun Control

... No Guns For Jews!

Fatwa: OK, Now XMas is toast! ...Let's Cancel New Years!

Islam: Beautiful Smiling Martyrs from Jannah

... must be the 72 virgins!

New Years Wish From The EDL

Online Census Shows Atheism is Doing Well ... in Iran!

Atheist Census Reveals Countries Who Have Lost Their Faith In God   

 Results Here: Top 10 Countries 

  • United States of America: 43,349
  • Brazil: 9,859
  • Turkey: 8,658
  • United Kingdom: 7,491
  • Australia: 6,172
  • Canada: 5,531
  • India: 2,591
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of): 2,383
  • Poland: 2,274
  • Germany: 1,985


Jesus! ... Take Down This Sign!

My Beautiful Balloon

I'm Switching Sides to Help Free Syria from Oppression ...

... and also because I don't want to become be-headed right after I am disembowelled, drawn / quartered and set aflame with gasoline. 

Somewhere out there in the Aegean Sea, ... I guess?

Damn! ... We Got It All Wrong
Jesus is a Phoenician? ...
It must be true because this Arab Historian says so!

Go Tell It On The Mountain ...

... That Jabhat Al-Nusra Is  Lord  Taking Over!

Breaking News: Working Women A Cancer Risk

Clerics who oppose gender mixing at the workplace have given an ultimatum to Saudi Minister of Labor Adel Fakieh: he has one month to roll back on the policy allowing women to work in retail, or they will pray to God to give him cancer.
Local media reported that more than 200 clerics from around the Kingdom had come to Riyadh and held a meeting Tuesday afternoon at the Ministry with Fakieh to complain about gender mixing in retail stores, accusing him of challenging religious authorities in the country like the Council of Senior Ulema.
“Stop women employment or we will pray against you like we have done with the previous Labor Minister,” a cleric named Abdulrahman Aba-Nemai reportedly told Fakieh. The cleric was referring to the late Ghazi al-Gosaibi who passed away in August 2010 and had to face similar opposition from conservatives over women employment. A video uploaded to YouTube showed some attendees cheer with the sounds of takbeer as Aba-Nemai talked to Fakieh.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Your Call: Moses or Jesus?

A Very Merry L.A. Fant Christmas

... and to all a Good Night!

We Wish You A Very Merry Athiestmas

... or something like that!

Christmas in Damascus

A Very Merry "Whatever" ... from Anjem!

Could you imagine the absolute carnage there would be if you setup a Christian Stall promoting Christianity outside of a Mosque ! There would be bloodshed and riots in the streets ! Shame on Western Governments and their two tier Systems !

Radical Muslims Take Anti-Christian Protest to St Paul's Cathedral on Christmas Eve

St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral
A group of radical Muslims is planning to use St Paul's Cathedral to protest against the sins of British society and the fallacy of the Bible.
The protesters were due to gather putside the cathedral at 1pm, while a Christmas Eve Eucharist takes place inside.
Ahead of the protest, radical preacher Anjem Choudary claimed that Jesus belonged to Islam and that British society was riddled with "sin".
"We say Jesus is a Muslim prophet and not the Son of God," he said in a leaflet.
Choudary, a former solicitor, has previously been linked to raidical groups including  Al Gruabba and Islam4Uk, which were banned by the government for inflammatory preaching and praising terroist attacks including 9/11 and the 7/7 London bombings.

A Very European Christmas

... or something like that!

Israel wishes you a Merry Christmas

Marry Christmas Baby!

Next Year in Jerusalem!

... or something like that!

Please Come Home For Christmas

Pakistani Christians face daily discrimination and poverty in the Muslim-majority country, and this year a wave of attacks and persecution has infused a once festive season for this religious minority with fear.

Justin Trudeau: MyJihad is Reviving the Islamic Spirit

Sun News

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Nice Seeing You Again, ... that Went Well!

"So my Muslim friend wanted to talk to me, an ExMuslim atheist, the other day... y'know just a little 'talk' about religion...." ~happymurtad (CEMB forum member)

Merry Christmas from Un-Occupied Bethlehem

Facts overlaid in top of a propaganda video made by the Palestinian Authority for Christmas 2012. They don't want you to know that Christians are fleeing Palestinian-ruled areas because of harassment and discrimination.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Nurse Alleges Red Cross Protected UN Rapist

Linda O'Brien alleges she was raped by a man who was working for a United Nations peace keeping mission in East Timor earlier this year. She's still waiting on the result of investigations which she says been inadequate. She spoke exclusively to SBS reporter Luke Waters.

AN Australian nurse's allegation that she was raped by a United Nations peacekeeper while working in East Timor is being investigating by the UN.
Linda O'Brien told SBS Television yesterday that she had been raped by a peacekeeper from a South American nation in East Timor in July.
Ms O'Brien said she had met her alleged attacker at a dinner party and they had gone back to her home, where they drank several glasses of wine before having consensual sex.
She says the rape took place after that.
The nurse reported the incident 28 hours later to her employer, the Red Cross. Ms O'Brien said the officials advised her not to report the matter to police.
However, Australian Red Cross head of international programs Donna McSkimming denies the allegation.
"There's absolutely no reason for the IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) or Red Cross to hesitate in lodging a formal complaint in regard to a sexual assault," she told SBS.

In a statement to the network, the UN said its investigation was active and that it was being organised through its office of internal oversight.
A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs told AAP that the Australian embassy in Dili had not been approached to give consular assistance to Ms O'Brien.

Seasonal Workers a Strain on Australian Immigration Policy

How To Celebrate Christmas ... Islamic Style

Islamic Republic of Iraq Wishes Iraqi Christians
... a Very Merry "Whatever", or something like that.