Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Shocking! ... Documentary Evidence Of Somali Piracy

Caught in a sting: Big Mouth and other fugitives duped by the police

Notorious Somali pirate Mohamed Abdi Hassan has just been captured after being lured into taking part in a fake documentary. And he's not the only fugitive to be fooled by imaginative undercover operations 

Mohamed Abdi Hassan
Mohamed Abdi Hassan talking to the press in January this year, announcing his resignation as a pirate. 

In a case that proves flattery always gets results, Belgian police this week arrested a notorious Somali pirate after convincing him they wanted to make a documentary film about his exploits. Mohamed Abdi Hassan, also known as "Big Mouth", was taken into custody following an impressive undercover operation that involved approaching his accomplices over a period of months, before finally persuading him to fly to Brussels for filming.
The operation follows a long history of ambitious and creative stings used by police around the world to capture criminals. During the 80s, theFugitive Investigative Strike Team (Fist), which was set up by the US Marshals Service to catch violent fugitives, orchestrated several successful ones. In 1985, the cunningly renamed Flagship International Sports Television Inc offered its targets free tickets to a Washington Redskins football game. To collect the tickets, the fugitives had to attend a brunch where they would get free transport to the game and have a chance to win another all-expenses-paid trip to the Superbowl. Of course, there would be no such luck. The 100 "winners" were promptly arrested.

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