Wednesday, 9 October 2013

iERA banned in UK - an Open Letter

Open letter to
Professor Sir Adrian Smith,

I am pleased to hear that you are taking a stand against organised political activists from iERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy). Their goal is the implementation of Islamic Law (sharia) in the UK and the curbing of equal rights and freedoms our society has fought for. This is, for example, why they were banned from further events at universities in the UK, due to their insistence on gender segregation during those events.

The current wave of activity regarding the ban of iERA speakers ( shows how dishonest this organisation is, making their ban due to contravening against segregation laws look as though this is politically motivated. The current ban based on the recommendations of a law enforcement body is completely warranted and called for. They are well known for their attempt at playing the victim and hiding behind undefined terms such as "Islamophobic" or anti-Muslim "racism".

One of their speakers has just a few days ago publicly declared that an old man having sex with a 9-year-old girl can be lawful under certain circumstances. This is called defending Islamic values, which you will find on the top left of their call for action. He has repeatedly made speeches about Islamic terrorism and was a member of a group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, which was banned in the UK. While I don't know what level of knowledge you have, please don't hesitate to ask for support in establishing what the public stand of the speakers from iERA actually is before being fooled by their attempts at looking peaceful and religiously motivated.

They are currently asking their followers worldwide to threaten you with further mails and calls in order to intimidate you and your staff by making their names and contact details public. I hope you will not be swayed in taking an objective decision.

Kind regards,

Ban explained

Action call


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